Magnetic Drain Plugs by Dimple®

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Welcome to our revolutionary new world of oil contamination
removal. The stronger the magnet, the cleaner the oil!

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Magnetic Drain Plugs
Dimple Products is best known for our extremely powerful magnetic drain plugs. We manufacture dozens of different sizes in order to offer solutions for all makes and models of cars and motorcycles.
Locate your Car or Motorcycle in the menu above, or browse our selection of magnetic drain plugs By Thread and size.

Oil Filter Magnets
Our Super Black Hole Magnets attach directly to your oil filter to increase its effectiveness, and can be easily transferred to your new filter every time you change your oil. Learn more

Why Choose Dimple?

  • All magnets are not created equal
  • Dimple® magnets are manufactured under contract to ensure that they are always what we say they are, the strongest high temperature grade neodymium magnets in the world
  • Regular neodymium magnets lose magnetism at only 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Dimple's® Black Hole High Temperature Magnets are rated at over 300 degrees.
  • Our products will work for your lifetime and beyond. Our magnets degrade only 1/2 of 1% every one hundred years!

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The Solution

Dimple® products remove the rest by using extreme magnetism to rip the metal particles out of your oil and keep them out.

The Problem

Your oil filter can only remove particles larger than 35 microns, and even when you change your oil, there is still residue left in the engine.

The Need

Motor oil works best by itself, uncontaminated, however continuous friction creates unwanted tiny metal particle contamination. These tiny metal particles are measured in microns, which are one millionth of a meter. If not removed, this contamination is circulated millions of times between each oil change, polishing (wearing) down the metal until the engine is worn out.


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Dimple plugs are guaranteed for manufacturing defects with a money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase. We are not responsible for damage done to parts and vehicles due to improper installation or over tightening.

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