NPT 1/4″ Magnetic Drain Plug

This size is very popular with small engines and pumps. Our magnetic drain plugs can almost double the life of a Briggs-type engine.


NPT 3/4″ Magnetic Drain Plug

Generally used on tractor trailer transmission fill and drain plugs as well as rear differential fill and drain plugs. Fitted with a powerful 1/2″ magnet.


NPT 1/2″ Magnetic Drain Plug

This plug fits the larger Briggs & Stratton and similar engines, generally serving as a fill and drain plug and sometimes the rear differential as well. It features a convenient hex drive and a powerful 7/16″ diameter magnet.


NPT 3/8″ Magnetic Drain Plug

Featuring a large 3/8″ diameter magnet, this drain plug is commonly found on auxiliary engines, air compressors, and similar equipment.


NPT 1/4″ Magnetic Drain Plug for Harley Davidson

1999-up Twin Cam® Case Sump Plug

This item replaces the dry sump plug directly below the V in any Harley Davidson Twin Cam engine from 1999 to the present. It is a custom-made plug with a low profile to fit just below the case.


NPT 1/8″ Magnetic Drain Plug

Used for older Harley primary chain cases as well as other applications.