M18x1.5×21 Magnetic Drain Plug for Volvo

850, S/V/C70 FWD 850, S/V/70 AWD S60 I, V70 II FWD S60 I, V70 II AWD S60R/V70R AWD S40/V50, C30/C70 FWD S40/V50 AWD S80 classic FWD S80 classic AWD XC90 FWD XC90 AWD S80 II

This drain plug is equipped with a large diameter magnet to remove metal particles from your oil. It can be used on the engine oil pan for a variety of Volvo model applications .


M18x1.5×12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Volvo

Manual transmissions Rear differential

This Dimple magnetic drain plug features a super strong magnet to extend the life of your Volvo. Two of them are used for any manual transmission Volvo, and two are used for the rear differential – in both cases one for the oil plug and one for the fill plug.


3/4″x16x1/2″ Magnetic Drain Plug for Volvo

4-cylinder engines

This drain plug fits all 4-cylinder Volvo engines,including the B1800, 240, 740, 760, 940, and 960.