M24x1.5×14 Magnetic Drain Plug for VW/Audi

Manual transmissions up to 2009

This magnetic drain plug is has a sturdy hex drive for easy installation and removal. It is used for Volkswagen and Audi cars up to 2009 with manual transmissions, replacing the original black plastic plug. If your plug is shiny aluminum you need the M22x1.5×14 above.


M26x1.5×16 Magnetic Drain Plug for VW/Audi

1.8L Turbo and V-6 engines

This massive magnetic drain plug features a large 5/8″ magnet, the sam magnet that is used in our big rig transmission and rear end plugs. It is actually the largest, strongest high temperature magnet ever fitted to any drain plug.


M22x1.5×14 Magnetic Drain Plug for VW/Audi

2010-present Diesel TDI manual transmissions

This product is engineered and manufactured by Dimple Products to the highest standards.


M14x1.5×16 Magnetic Drain Plug for VW/Audi

VW/Audi All gas engines 2010-present Diesel TDI

This drain plug is equipped with a 3/8″ high-temperature magnet for unmatched performance under extreme conditions.