1/2″x20x3/4″ Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

All Eggenfellner Subaru Aircraft Engines

Mike Creer of Carmel Indiana, a noted member of the, asked us to modify a special 1/2″x20x3/4″ cap screw for the Eggenfellner Subaru 6-cylinder aircraft prop package.

The interest in this modification led to a short production run with a yellow chromate plated alloy cap screw. This plug fits onto the engine-driven prop-reduction gear box to keep the lubricant free of metal contaminants, increasing reliability and longevity.


M18x1.5×12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

Rear differential plug 2014-present Outback & Forester

This plug serves as the fill and drain plug for the rear differential in the CVT transmission featured in 2014 to present Outbacks and Foresters.

Please check earlier years for sizes: remove your fill plug and see if it has a gasket or not. The M18 has a straight thread with a gasket, the larger 3/4″ JNPT is tapered and has no gasket.

If you have a STI 6-speed transmission, you need two of these plus a M26x1.5×16


3/4″ NPT Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

Rear differential plug All models except 2014-present Forester and Outback

This drain plug features a custom design with a deeper 3/8″ diameter magnet. Two of these plugs will compliment the rear differential housing for any Subaru except a 2014-present Outback or Forester. One is used for the fill plug and the other is used for the drain plug.


M20x1.5×14 Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

All 4 and 6 cylinder engines except 2009-present Outback/Legacy and 2010=present Forester

This magnetic drain plug from Dimple features a 1/2″ magnet engineered to work in a high temperature environment. It fits all Subaru 4 and 6-cylinder engines including turbo engines, except for 2009-present Outback/Legacy and 2010-present Foresters.


M26x1.5×16 Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

All manual transmissions and front differential

This drain plug features a large 5/8″ magnet to keep your transmission or front differential free of metal particles, thus extending its life.


M16x1.5×12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Subaru

2009-present Outback/Legacy and 2010-present Forester

This drain plug is equipped with a 3/8″ diameter high temperature magnet and will serve as the engine and the CVT transmission drain plug. It fits Subaru models Outback and Legacy from 2009 to the present as well as the Forester from 2010 to the present.