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Lifetime Reusable Oil Filters
Oil filters for Sprinter vans
Dimple is proud to annouce that we are now selling high tech oil filters created by K&P Engineering. In fact, they built this particular product based on Dimple’s recommendation, which of course was based on our clients’ feedback and interest. This wonderful K&P S-90 filter is made for the 3.0 liter V6 Mercedes Diesel engine found in their Sprinter vans, as well as the other vehicles listed below. This filter will increase the oil flow by as much as seven times to the turbo and oil cooler, as well as handling the higher viscosity oil recommended for these engines. We consider it a must for all 3.0 liter Sprinter owners

If you own a Sprinter with a 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine, we highly recommend you check out our newest product. K&P Engineering’s S-90 lifetime reusable oil filterwill increase your oil flow by as much as seven times and extend the life of your engine.


E320 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L
E350 – 2011-13 – V6 3.0L (BLUETEC)
GL320 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L
GL350 – 2010-16 – V6 3.0L
GLE350D – 2016 – V6 3.0L
GLS350D – 2017 – V6 3.0L
ML320 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L
ML350 – 2010-14 – V6 3.0L (TURBOCHARGED ; DIESEL)
R320 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L
R350 – 2010-13 – V6 3.0L (BLUETEC 4MATIC)
S350 – 2012-13 – V6 3.0L
SPRINTER – 2010-17 – V6 3.0L (DIESEL)
SPRINTER 2500 – 2010-16 – V6 3.0L
SPRINTER 3500 – 2010-16 – V6 3.0L


SPRINTER 2500 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L
SPRINTER 3500 – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L

SPRINTER 2500 – 2007-17 – V6 3.0L
SPRINTER 3500 – 2007-17 – V6 3.0L

GRAND CHEROKEE – 2007-09 – V6 3.0L


M26x1.5×16 Magnetic Drain Plug for Mercedes Benz

1950s and 1960s engines

This magnetic drain plug is used on antique Mercedes Benz engines from the 50’s and 60’s and features a large 1/2″ magnet to keep your transmission free of metal particles. The plug is in the original style with an external hex nut.


M14x1.5×24 Magnetic Drain Plug For Mercedes Benz

Mercedes 2000-present most models 1980s-present many models

This Dimple magnetic drain plug is equipped with a high-temperature magnet for unmatched performance under extreme conditions. It fits most Mercedes Benz models from 2000 to the present, and many models from the 1980’s on up with 4 and 6-cylinder engines using the 14mm drain plug.


M24x1.5 Metric Taper Magnetic Drain Plug for Mercedes

Rear differentials

Dimple’s M24x1.5 tapered magnetic drain plug is fitted with a deep-set, powerful 1/2″ magnet.


M12x1.5×12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Mercedes

V8 and V12 engines until 1999

Protect your engine with this powerful magnetic drain plug from Dimple Products. Typically, all of the V8 and V12 Mercedes engines until 1999 take this plug. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure which plug your Mercedes takes.