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Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Richard Jodoin, owner operator of Dimple Products Inc.
The primary reason for building this site is to help people understand the significance of metal contamination of motor oil, and to provide a simple solution to this problem.
Early on I attended New Bedford Vocational High School in New Bedford, Massachusetts for training as an automotive repair technician.
I then served in US Army as a tank and truck mechanic, in Gelnhausen, Germany.
After attending college computer programming classes I worked as a Chief Computer Operator for the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.
I then moved to Florida and worked for the Pratt and Whitney Research Center in West Palm Beach, fabricating test modules for prototype jet and rocket engines.
Working with the engineers and physicists there I began to come upon the truths about lubricants, and how they become contaminated with tiny metal particles.
I read the white paper General Motors published, which stated that by using bypass filters you could get the micron size of metal contaminants down to 10 microns. Their testing proved that by this reduction in micron size alone, you could extend the life an engine by a whopping 70%.
By using Dimple strength magnets on our drain plugs we were able to remove all of the particles!


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